The Pet Doctor

Steps for Taking in a Pet From Someone Who Couldn't Care for It

When you are asked to take a pet in from a household where the animal was neglected and not taken care of well, you must act fast. You want to make sure that the pet is healthy, that their temperament will work in your home, and you must be prepared for their arrival.

Taking in a pet can keep it from landing in a shelter or potentially being euthanized, but you have to make sure it's best for you as well. Schedule the following to see how the pet is physically and behaviorally.

Veterinarian Check-Up

The animal needs to see a veterinarian. You need to check to make sure that the pet is healthy, that they don't have any conditions or health complications that need immediate treatment, and that they are up to date on their vaccinations. The vet can do blood work to see if the animal has any deficiencies and if they need to go on a special diet or vitamin and supplement regimen.

Groomer Appointment

It doesn't matter if the pet is a dog, cat or bird, take it to a special groomer for that breed to get it properly bathed and trimmed or cut if needed. They will check for fleas, tics and lice, and can help make the animal clean and ready for the interior of your home. This service may be available at your veterinarian's office.

Animal Behavior Evaluation and Training

If you worry about behavior, you can have the pet evaluated. There are training services that will do this for you along, with dog care facilities being among the most common. If the pet is skittish or doesn't get along with other animals, you may need to put it in training classes for your own safety and benefit. You will also learn if you can board the animal without complications or not.

Taking in a pet so that it doesn't have to go to a shelter or get put down is a great thing to do, especially if you love animals. Make sure that once you get the pet, you get it registered under your name and that you get it vaccinated and checked by a vet. This will help you be sure that the animal is healthy and that they aren't bringing any diseases into your home. Once you have gotten the animal checked, cleaned and evaluated by qualified pet care professionals, they will be ready for your home.