Keeping Your Pet Calm During A Vet Visit

If you have a dog or cat that you care for, you know the importance of bringing your pet to a veterinarian regularly for checkups and preventative maintenance tasks. Not all pets are keen on taking trips to their doctors, however. If your pet has difficulty with anxiety associated with vet visits, take the following steps to help calm them. Bring Along Someone For The Ride Consider bringing someone along for the ride to a veterinarian visit for your pet.

What To Do If Your Dog Ingests Something Toxic

If your dog ingests something toxic, it can be a very scary situation. Your dog may be very intrigued and interested in different things, and their curiosity may end up getting the best of them. If your dog does ingest something toxic, you may worry about what to do to help them. Read on for tips to help guide you if your dog does ingest something toxic. Find What They Ingested

Does Your Pet Mouse Need To See The Vet?

Mice have curious little personalities and adorable ears. They don't require a lot of care other than good food and water, clean bedding, and a spacious cage. However, it is a good idea to seek vet care for your mouse. They can benefit from getting regular veterinary checkups, and they should also see the vet after any signs of illness, which are discussed later in this article. Your Mouse's Checkup

5 Autumn Dangers For Dogs

The autumn season brings cooler weather, colorful leaves, and Halloween. Unfortunately, it can also present several dangers for your beloved furry family member. It is important to keep a watchful eye on your pooch during fall to keep it healthy and safe. Here are several autumn dangers for dogs. Fleas It is a common myth that fleas disappear once fall comes around. The truth is that fleas can stick around until the temperatures get below freezing.

When Should You Take Your Pet To The Animal Hospital? 3 Times When You Should

If your pt is feeling ill or not like himself, you are going to want to get him checked out by your veterinarian right away. Sometimes this isn't an option though, as your vet clinic may not be open, which is one time when you should take your pet to the animal hospital instead. If you have an animal hospital nearby, you may have questioned whether or not you should take your pet straight there instead of to your veterinarian.

Does Your Vet Think Your Dog Has A Liver Tumor? What To Expect

If your dog has been acting out of sorts lately and you take them to the veterinarian for tests, you may be surprised to learn that your dog might have a liver tumor. Through blood work and/or an x-ray, your vet may be able to discern the possibility of a liver tumor. The question you likely have is, "What now?" Get to know some of what you can expect when your veterinarian suspects your dog has a liver tumor.

Caring for Your Cat's Oral Health Is about More Than Their Teeth

If you think that the only reason you need to take care of your cat's oral health is because of their teeth, you should think again. If you take good care of your cat's oral health, you may not need to worry about these problems. Read on to learn about how your kitty could be in for some seriously nasty health problems if their oral health isn't up to date.

Surprising Signs That Your Cat Has Fleas

Fleas are a serious health risk for cats. Even indoor cats can get them, if fleas come in on people coming and going from the house. While most people expect to see fleas bouncing around or noticeable bites, there are often signs that come long before that which can be overlooked. Here are some signs that your cat may have fleas. Dirtiness Have you ever petted your cat and noticed that their fur feels kind of grimy, as though there's dust or dirt caught in the fur?

How Vestibular Disease Affects Your Dog

Vestibular disease can seriously impact your dog's life. This condition is otherwise known as "old dog disease" because it often affects older dogs. However, dogs of any age can develop this condition. Here is more information about what vestibular disease does to your dog, its causes, and prognosis. What Is Vestibular Disease? Vestibular disease is a condition that affects your dog's balance. There are two general types of vestibular disease. One is peripheral and the other is central.

Dog Overweight? What You Can Do To Help Get Your Furry Pal In Shape

If your dog is overweight, it can put a lot of stress on your dog's body. All of the added weight can also put stress on your dog's organs as well, and it can all add up to a shorter lifespan for your dog. This is the last thing you want for your furry pal, as you want them to be around for as long as possible. If your dog is overweight, it's time to start doing something about it to help save your dog's life.