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Pet Cremation Is A Respectful Way To Honor Your Pet After Their Passing

Pets are loved family members, and losing a pet is a hard process to go through. Maybe you haven't even thought about what you'll do when your pet dies. An option to consider is pet cremation. This allows you to keep your pet's ashes in a decorative urn or spread them in your pet's favorite outdoor place to play. Here's how pet cremation works.

Why Cremation Is A Good Option

The choice besides cremation is burial. You might find a pet cemetery or bury your pet on your property if your state allows it. The problem with that is your pet may get left behind if you move or the burial place may be disturbed.

With cremation, you can take your pet's ashes with you. However, you'll need a private cremation to receive the ashes. Another option is communal cremation where multiple animals are cremated together, but then it's not possible to separate the remains.

Your Vet May Handle Your Pet's Body

If you have your pet put to sleep, the vet can keep your pet's body and hold it for the pet cremation company to pick up. They may hold your pet in a freezer for a few days while waiting for the pickup. If your pet dies at home, you might take your pet to the vet to transfer to the cremation company or you might take your pet directly to the company yourself.

You Can Usually Be Present

Cremation isn't fast. It might take a few hours to complete. You may be allowed to view the process and collect your pet's ashes before you leave. This could help with the grieving process. However, you don't have to attend the cremation. You can go to the crematorium later to pick up your pet's remains if the idea of being present for the cremation bothers you.

Check Local Laws Before Scattering Remains

Before you scatter your pet's remains at their favorite park, check local laws about what's allowed and what isn't. The crematorium or your vet may be able to provide helpful information as well. You might not be allowed to scatter cremated remains in a public area.

You Can Save Your Pet's Ashes In A Nice Box Or Urn

If you want to keep your pet's ashes with you, you can shop for a number of pet-centered urns and boxes that you can personalize with a picture and name of your pet. A pet's passing and the pet cremation process can be sad, but having your pet's remains with you might help you through the grieving process.

For more information on pet cremation, contact a professional near you.