Otitis Externa In Dogs And How Your Veterinarian Can Help

If your dog shakes their head or paws at their ears, they may have otitis externa. Otitis externa, otherwise known as an external ear infection, can be painful. This condition affects certain breeds and dogs with particular health issues.  The good news is you can easily identify this condition, and your veterinarian can treat it effectively. Keep reading to learn more about otitis externa, its symptoms, and treatment. What Causes Otitis Externa?

Pet Cremation Is A Respectful Way To Honor Your Pet After Their Passing

Pets are loved family members, and losing a pet is a hard process to go through. Maybe you haven't even thought about what you'll do when your pet dies. An option to consider is pet cremation. This allows you to keep your pet's ashes in a decorative urn or spread them in your pet's favorite outdoor place to play. Here's how pet cremation works. Why Cremation Is A Good Option