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When Should You Take Your Pet To The Animal Hospital? 3 Times When You Should

If your pt is feeling ill or not like himself, you are going to want to get him checked out by your veterinarian right away. Sometimes this isn't an option though, as your vet clinic may not be open, which is one time when you should take your pet to the animal hospital instead. If you have an animal hospital nearby, you may have questioned whether or not you should take your pet straight there instead of to your veterinarian. Read on for a few times when you should go tot he animal hospital instead.

Your Pet Has A Dire Situation

If your pet is in need of medical attention immediately and isn't going to be able to wait in a waiting room with other pets around, or it's a dire situation, such as he has been injured and is bleeding out, your pet needs to be seen immediately. You should take your pet to the animal hospital instead. Waiting until your veterinarian has an opening can make a bad situation for your pet even worse, don't wait and take your pet in to be seen instead at the animal hospital so he can be seen immediately.

Your Pet Is Unable To Walk Or Move

If your pet is lethargic and isn't able to walk or move, or isn't able to even get up to relieve himself, it's time to take him to the animal hospital. Get him in to be seen immediately to prevent him from worsening beyond the point of treatment. Your pet may be dehydrated, or he could have something worse going on and needs to be treated. Take him in to be seen immediately.

Your Pet Has Difficulty Breathing

If your pet is having a difficult time breathing, it could get much worse before it gets better. Don't watch him suffer like this, get him the help he needs, and take him to the animal hospital for treatment. If you can't tell if your dog can't breathe, you may notice him gasping, coughing, wheezing, or making other sounds, in addition to him being lethargic or unable to eat or drink.

These are just a few of the times you should take your pet to the animal hospital, rather than waiting for an appointment at your veterinarian clinic. Call ahead to an animal care facility like Berlin Township Animal Hospital to explain in detail why you may need their services, this way they have a heads up and are more prepared for the situation with your pet. Don't wait to get your pet help, take him to an animal hospital for treatment.