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What To Do If Your Dog Ingests Something Toxic

If your dog ingests something toxic, it can be a very scary situation. Your dog may be very intrigued and interested in different things, and their curiosity may end up getting the best of them. If your dog does ingest something toxic, you may worry about what to do to help them. Read on for tips to help guide you if your dog does ingest something toxic.

Find What They Ingested

Figure out what your dog ingested by looking through their vomit or diarrhea. There may be signs of what they may have ingested inside of the vomit and diarrhea. While it may not be pleasant to have to look through it, doing so will help you figure out the sign of what your dog got into. If your dog does not have anything coming out, they may have ingested something liquid. In this case, you might have to look around your home to see if there is anything that looks like your dog may have gotten into it. 

Give Them Small Amounts Of Water

Give them a small amount of water just to prevent them from dehydrating or from throwing up excessively. Your dog may not be able to take in too much water at a time, which is why you need to give it in just small amounts. Give your dog more water as they are able to keep the water down.

Take Them To The Emergency Veterinarian

Take your dog to the emergency veterinarian for a checkup and for proper treatment. Your dog is going to need proper treatment for the toxic ingestion and to be treated for dehydration as well. Your dog may need medication for whatever they ingested to reverse the toxic effects, and will need to be monitored. If you try to treat them at home, you may not be treating the toxin itself, although you may be able to treat the dehydration. Be sure you tell the veterinarian about what your dog ingested and bring in anything that you think they may have ingested. This can help your veterinarian treat your dog better.

If you suspect your dog has ingested anything toxic, be sure to have them treated properly by a veterinarian. Get them to the emergency veterinarian right away for the treatment they need so you can get your furry buddy back to normal. Contact an ER veterinary clinic for more information.