What Your Vet Wants You To Know About Caring For Overweight Dogs

As a dog owner, you'd be in good company if you find yourself unable to resist your pup's request for treats or an extra meal. Unfortunately, those puppy dog eyes often lead to too much food and one overweight puppy. You might think that a pup with too much weight is just cute and nothing to worry about, but the truth is that it does come with some concerns. Here's a look at what your veterinarian wants you to know about your overweight dog. [Read More]

3 Common Causes Of Cats Coughing

People cough and clear their throats all the time whether or not they're sick, but what about cats? If you've noticed your cat hunkering down and coughing, it may be a bad sign. The good news is that the vast majority of cats don't cough for the same reasons as dogs, which means it's highly unlikely that your cat has a heart problem. However, that doesn't mean that they're necessarily completely healthy, either. [Read More]

Contagious Diseases To Watch Out For In Hunting Dogs

In many ways, hunting dogs are like any other dog. You care for them and they become part of your family. However, because they spend a lot of time in the woods, around wildlife, and out of your clear line of sight, hunting dogs are prone to various contagious diseases that you don't typically see in dogs who are solely pets. Here are some specific diseases to watch out for in your hunting dogs. [Read More]

Puppy Care Tasks Your Veterinarian Can Help With

If you are a new puppy owner, you likely have many concerns when it comes to proper care for your new pet. There are several actions your dog's veterinarian can assist with to ensure your puppy grows without medical incidents. Here are some dog care tasks which you can rely upon your veterinarian for assistance. Tending To Your Puppy's Teeth You need to care for your puppy's teeth so gingivitis and periodontal disease do not cause inflammation, discomfort, or tooth loss. [Read More]